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The Rector's Secretariat is the Rector's Office for Administration and Organizational Work. It provides complex activities for the Rector's Secretariat, activities related to the preparation of documents and proposals for the Rector's decision, correspondence and tasks related to the activities of a standing advisory body of the Rector, make a records from the rector's meetings.

He keeps a schedule of the Rector's working meetings, prepares the routine correspondence of the Rector, performs other related tasks and activities. The head of the Secretariat is responsible to the Rector.



NEMCOVÁ, Kamila, Ing.

NEMCOVÁ, Kamila, Ing.

Head of Rector’s Secretariat

E3.21 +421 2 6729 5902
KARDOŠOVÁ, Silvia, Mgr.

KARDOŠOVÁ, Silvia, Mgr.

Assistant rector

E3.21 +421 2 6729 5364

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