1. The role of government in a market economy is to:

2. The Slovak labour market has long been known for its high unemployment rate. This is reflected by a situation in which:

3. "The Slovak economy grew by 3.3% last year" – the headline of the newspaper in this wording means that:

4. The central bank has a specific position in every market economy. Its tasks include:

5. Inflation is a phenomenon characterized by:

6. The company produces a product with a selling price of € 150 per piece. It produces 1,000 products a year and plans to achieve an annual pre-tax profit of € 15,000. What should be the range of the total costs incurred in order to achieve this goal? (The impact of value added tax is not considered in the solution).

7. The company produces 10,000 pieces of products. It spends a total of € 150,000 on production. At what selling price (excluding VAT) must the company sell its products if it wants to make a pre-tax profit of € 20,000?

8. The company plans to produce 3,000 more products than last year. Last year, it produced 30,000 pieces of products and needed 20 workers for this production. How many new workers must be hired to produce an additional 3,000 pieces of products if it is expected that each worker will produce the same number of products as last year?

9. When running a business, every entrepreneur takes a business risk, i.e. uncertainty that the expected results of activities that have been carried out will not coincide with the results actually achieved. Assume that an entrepreneur operates in the field of information technology and his main task is the creation of software for bookkeeping. Which of the following groups of factors increases the risk of his business and is relevant for him:

10. The enterprise can be characterized according to the following specifics: dependence on weather and climatic conditions, seasonality, long production cycle, high proportion of human labour. Determine which type of production the enterprise is engaged in:

11. The body that was set up by The Maastricht Treaty to facilitate the preparation for accession to the Economic and Monetary Union of countries whose GDP per capita is below 90% of the EU average is called

12. The national side of the Slovak eurocoin in a nominal value of 1 cent, 2 cents and 5 cents depicts:

13. What is the maximum number of the European Parliament Members?

14. Slovakia held the presidency at the Council of the European Union in 2016. How long did this presidency last?

15. The first of the European Communities established in 1951 was

16. The Slovak Republic, as the successor state to the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic, has become a member of the United Nations (UN):

17. The process of increasing the number of people living in cities in relation to the total population number and, in a relation to this, increasing the number of people living in the so-called urban way of life, is defined by the term:

18. Indicate the correct hierarchy of legal regulations in the Slovak Republic:

19. Non-standard behaviour, or ideologies, which differ significantly from generally accepted and common norms of behaviour, often manifested with racial, national, resp. religious intolerance is referred to as:

20. Liquidity means:

21. The arithmetic mean of 10 numbers is 15. If we take one of these numbers, then the arithmetic mean of the remaining numbers will be 14. What number did we take out?

22. If 5s = (5 - r) s = 25, then

23. Peter played balls with the boys in the yard. In the bag he had balls in six different colours, 10 of each colour. What is the smallest number of balls that Peter must, without looking at them, take out from the bag to be sure that there will be at least three different colours between the balls taken out of the bag?

24. The mowers were given the task to mow two meadows. One meadow was twice as big as the other one. In the first half of the day, everyone mowed a larger meadow. In the second half of the day, they have split into two equal groups. One group continued to mow a larger meadow and mowed it by the end of the day. The second group mowed a smaller meadow but did not mow it all until the end of the day. The rest of the smaller meadow was mown on the next day by one mower during the whole day. How many mowers were there? (We assume that the mowing time in the first and second half of the day was the same, the mowing time of a single mower for the whole day of work was the same as the mowing time on the first day and the power of all mowers was the same.)

25. In the election for the class chairman, Short received two votes more than Strong. Tall has obtained four votes less than Strong and Strong obtained three votes more than Hard who obtained four votes. Each student in the class had exactly one vote in the election. How many students does the class have, assuming that only Short, Tall, Strong and Hard votes were cast, no one abstained and no one was missing in the class at the time of voting?

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