Each foreign student is obliged to use an identification card to obtain access to the University of Economics in Bratislava.

The student can choose one of the following options:

ISIC (International Student Identity Card)

As a student at the University of Economics in Bratislava you can purchase an ISIC card, which is an identity document for your studies, or an external student card. The card is the only internationally- recognized student ID. It is your passport to great discounts and services at home around the world.

We greatly recommend this card for our students.

The ISIC card provides:

  • discounts for bus, tram, rail transport - can be used as a transport card
  • control and automation of access to food services at university
  • discounts when visiting cultural institutions (such as museums, galleries …)
  • other specific student discounts

Please note that ISIC obtained outside of Slovakia will not be valid. 

Before enrollment you will receive an email from Incoming Students Office where you can order your ISIC card before you come to our University. Students usually apply and order when they are still at home because they can receive the card when they come to the University (during the Welcome Week). Alternatively, students can order their card when they arrive, but it will take some days to process the request. 

These documents are needed for the application of ISIC card and they need to be send in ONE email to internship@euba.sk:

  1. Photo
    • Approximately 30 x 35 mm
    • Format: .jpg
  2. Filled out Application Form
    • Please fill in the parts marked in yellow
    • Indicate your "Level of Study" as I or II.  
  3. Proof of payment (25€)

Payment must be made by BANK TRANSFER ONLY. Cash/Card is not accepted.

The ISIC validity is extended after enrollment in the next academic year with an ISIC extension sticker. 

In case you have lost your ISIC card, you must apply for a new one, send us the above-mentioned documents, and make the payment again (25€).

If you have bought a prepaid public transport ticket, you don't have to buy it again, it can be transferred to your new ISIC card.


EUBA Student Card

Another possibility for our students is the EUBA Student Card. However, this card can be used just inside the University. It allows you to pay in the EUBA canteen and you get access to the University library. For this card there are no required documents needed. If you choose this option instead of the ISIC card, after your arrival to the university you will get the card immediately after you par the deposit. Students and doctoral candidates who are in an external study programme receive a card which is not an ISIC card. This external student card is also available for students who are already 26 years old.

  • No required documents needed
  • Deposit (returnable payment) – 7 EUR paid after arrival in cash