Welcome Week

Welcome Week is the first personal contact with our university. The event is mandatory for all students. You will get important orientation lectures and a lot of useful information about your study affairs including all the important deadlines, terms, practical information concerning the online registration for courses, information about Foreign Police Department, etc. You will go on the campus tour, where ESN members will show you the academic field. You will also get your ISIC card, if you have applied for it, meet your new classmates and participate in events organized by ESN.


International Study Abroad Fair

What is the International Study Abroad Fair about? At this event, you will present your home universities, in order to help local UEBA students to get more familiar with foreign cultures and explore other educational institutions from across the globe. It is a great chance for you to meet new people, share your experiences to UEBA students and discover new opportunities for yourself! Participation for International Students is mandatory and you have to stay there for the whole period of the event. Each participant will receive an Attendance Certificate and will be excused from classes which overlap with this time period. You will have there your own tables, which you can decorate in any way – you can bring flags, souvenirs, typical items and things of your country. There will be a competition, where you can win interesting prizes. We will have a small commission, which will revise your decorated info stands/tables and only the most creative table can win.


Snack & Chat

The aim of Snack & Chat regular meetings is to have a short (about 30 minutes long) informal discussion with our Incoming Exchange students. The main purpose of these sessions is getting to know more about their experience at our University and perceive their impression of Bratislava. Moreover, we also want to encourage them to give us some feedback on our services, teachers, university life and to share with us their ideas how these could be improved in the future to make their stay more comfortable. Students are provided with tea, coffee and snacks. After every event, a short summary is posted on the Facebook page of the International Relations Office. We discuss various topics about life at the University, events and we also talk about free time activities and possible travel destinations in the area of Bratislava.