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organizacna struktura en 09 2019

Rector   Prof. Dipl. Ing. Ferdinand Daňo, PhD.
Rector’s Secretariat Head of Department Dipl. Ing. Kamila Nemcová
    Mgr. Silvia Kardošová
Head of University Administration and Finance Bursar Dipl. Ing. Mária Dziurová
Secretariat of the Department    
Department for Planning and Budget Head of Department Dipl. Ing. Marta Trunkvalterová
Department of Financial Accounting Head of Department Dipl. Ing. Iveta Mattovičová
Department of Process and Investment Head of Department Dipl. Ing. Jozef Cerovský
Department of Economy Work and Wage Department Head of Department Dipl. Ing. Danica Svobodová
Department for Public Procurement Head of Department Dipl. Ing. Anna Národová
Units directly governed by the Rector    
University Business Activity and Service Centre Director Dipl. Ing. Helena Kuchyňková
Centre of Communication and Public Relations Head of Department Dipl. Ing. Miroslav Horňák
Department for Personnel and Social Questions Head of Department RNDr. Daniela Lukáčová
Section of Civil Defence Officer JUDr. Pavel Adamik
Legal Services and Internal Control Department    
Health, Section Safety and Security at Work Officer Dipl. Ing. Šimon Dely
Mgr. Lucia Rušinová
Archive Director Mgr. Eva Kočiová
Centre of Drugs Prevention and Counselling Coordinator Dipl. Ing. Jaromír Novák, PhD.
The Expert Institute    
Lifelong Learning Center    
Vice-Rector for Education   Assoc. Prof. Mgr. Dipl. Ing. Zuzana Juhászová, PhD.
Pedagogical Department   Mgr. Alexandra Jurkovičová
Physical Education and Sports Centre Director PaedDr. Július Dubovský
Vice-Rector for Development   Dr.h.c. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Rudolf Sivák, PhD.
Administrative Department   Mgr. Zuzana Pupáková
Centre of Information Technologies Director Dipl. Ing. Martin Novák
Research-Exhibitory and Information Bio-Energy Centre in Kapušany Director Mgr. Ján Sarvaš
Vice-Rector for Research and Doctoral Studies   Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Paula Puškárová, DiS. art., Ph. D.
Department for Research and Doctoral Studies    
Institute of Economics and Management    
Economic Review (scientific journal) Executive Editor Dipl. Ing. Zuzana Brokešová, PhD.
Project Centre    
Vice-Rector for International Relations, Statutory Representative of the Rector   Assoc. Prof. Mgr. Boris Mattoš, PhD.
Centre of International Relations    
- International Mobility Department Deputy Head of Department Miroslava Darnadiová
- Department of International Cooperation Head of Department Dipl. Ing. Soňa Galanová
Vice-Rector for Management of Academic Projects   Assoc. Prof. Dipl. Ing. Jana Péliová, PhD.
Slovak Economic Library Director Mgr. Jitka Kmeťová
Centre of Quality Assurance and Support    
Faculty of National Economy Dean Prof. Dipl. Ing. Erika Pastoráková, PhD.
Faculty of Commerce Dean Dipl. Ing. Peter Drábik, PhD., MSc.
Faculty of Economic Informatics Dean Prof. Dipl. Ing. Ivan Brezina, CSc.
Faculty of Business Management Dean Prof. Dipl. Ing. Peter Markovič, PhD.
Faculty of International Relations Dean Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Rudolf Kucharčík, PhD.
Faculty of Applied Languages Dean Assoc. Prof. PhDr. Radoslav Štefančík, MPol. PhD.
Faculty of Business Economy with seat in Košice Dean Dr.h.c. Prof. RNDr. Michal Tkáč, CSc.