University of Economics in Bratislava offers accommodation in student dormitories in Bratislava and Košice during the summer of 2023 (period from 1, July to 25, August) in dormitories: ŠD Horský park (Blok E, F, D, C, B), ŠD Dolnozemská 1, ŠD Starohájska 8, ŠD Ekonóm - Prístavná 8, ŠD PHF EU na ul. J. L . Bellu in Košiciach.


Note: In August, accommodation will be provided only until 25, August (cleaning rooms). After this date, accommodation is possible in justified cases only with the consent of the Director of the Centre of business activities and university services University of Economics in Bratislava.


Internal regulation - Accommodation fees in students Dormitories University of Economics in Bratislava during summer holiday

Accommodation booking in the summer months July - August