Bratislava Business School (BBS) is an independent organizational unit of the University of Economics Bratislava (the UE Bratislava), whose task is to prepare leaders for the business environment. It puts emphasis on providing education comparable to the best international standards, focusing not only on clients from Slovak, but also from international business sphere.

The Centre is an all-university unit with a mission to provide administrative, organizational and technical support to the management of the university, its faculties, institutes, departments and other units of the UE in Bratislava in creating, implementing, maintaining and improving the internal integrated system of quality assurance and support at the UE in Bratislava in all areas of its activities.

Celouniverzitná akademická knižnica, ktorá plní funkcie špecializovanej vedeckej knižnice s celoslovenskou pôsobnosťou profilovaná na oblasti ekonómie a interdisciplinárnych vied. Metodické, koordinačné a poradenské pracovisko pre prácu s ekonomickými informáciami.

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