The University of Economics in Bratislava (hereinafter referred to as the UE in Bratislava) has a unique position in the higher education system in the Slovak Republic. It is historically the first higher education institution with an economic focus in Slovakia, has a 78-year-old tradition and highly qualified human capacity of teachers and research workers.  

The exceptional nature of the UE in Bratislava currently also lies in the fact that it provides complex education in the field of economics and management in all study programmes at all three levels of study (bachelor, engineering and doctoral) as the only university in the Slovak Republic. Apart from that, it also provides some study programmes in selected fields of informatics and linguistics. The university totally provides 61 study programmes, including some that have been carried out in cooperation with other home and foreign universities and faculties offering a possibility to obtain double, or more precisely joint degree. The university has signed agreements on joint or double degrees with the Nottingham Trent University in England, with a university in Strasbourg, France, with the University of Cergy-Pontoise in France, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg in Germany, NIDA University in Bangkok, Thailand, University of Economics in Prague, Ningbo University in China and the Faculty of Law at Comenius University in Bratislava as well.

Apart from the study in Slovak language, students have a possibility to study selected study programmes in English, German and French. The university yearly provides more than 100 courses in multiple world languages; students can spend part of their study at prestigious partner universities abroad.

The UE in Bratislava prepares students for chosen lectures with prominent Slovak and world experts, develops relations with the representatives from business and society who substantially contribute to the quality of educational process.


International relations at the UE in Bratislava

Internationalization of education and international cooperation belong to priorities of the UE in Bratislava in the long term. The university focuses on cooperation with the first-rate foreign universities the profiles of which comply with demanding international accreditation standards. The agreement basis currently consists of more than 300 bilateral agreements with university institutions established in 60 countries of the world across 5 continents. Under the terms of these agreements, approximately 30-40 professors from foreign partner universities come to give lectures at the UE in Bratislava every year. Besides diverse offer for students and employees, there are foreign internships for graduates of the university available helping them get priceless advantage for their employment internationally.

Postgraduate students of the UE in Bratislava take part in internships and research stays abroad, e.g. in OECD, where they have been highly praised. After graduation, they have been accepted for positions of research workers in major institutions. What is pleasing is the high interest of foreign students in the UE in Bratislava, what ranked the UE in Bratislava among top 500 European universities sending or accepting the largest number of students within several mobility programmes.

The university has been taking the first three places regarding the student and teacher mobility in Slovakia on a long-term basis. Almost 350 students have an opportunity to take part in different mobility programmes every year and the UE in Bratislava has been accepting the same number of students from abroad. 

Bratislava Business School of the UE in Bratislava in partnership with the Franklin University in Ohio in the USA offers an international educational programme Master of Business Administration (MBA). The cooperation of the UE in Bratislava with foreign partners additionally reflects on organizing joint bilateral and multilateral symposiums and conferences, organizing summer and winter university schools or implementation of joint educational and scientific projects and programmes. The UE in Bratislava has been a member of several important international academic groupings and organizations.    


The UE in Bratislava educated more than 100 000 graduates

One of the main missions of the UE in Bratislava is to prepare graduates able to find employment. It is even more important for the UE in Bratislava because it is apparent that as for now, as well as for future, Slovakia inevitably needs highly qualified economists and managers. Development and results achieved so far in that area by the university illustrate that it has reacted well on globalization processes and ongoing and anticipated changes on the labour market by its content of study and graduates profiles of individual fields of study and programmes of study. It provides an education that enables graduates find broad employment on the labour market.  

University graduates have been successfully finding employment on the labour market in Slovakia, as well as in the European Union. This has been proved by different surveys and statistics.

According to the popular employment website, the UE in Bratislava has gained the highest position third year in a row; Graduates of the UE in Bratislava, or rather their profiles, attract employers attention – in comparison with other public universities –  the most. This fact has been very pleasing, but also obliging for the university. Representatives of the economy, involved in expert preparation of the university students in several forms, have significantly contributed to successful graduates' employment. Representatives of these institutions, being members of scientific and programme boards, as well as trade commissions, comment on the content of individual study programmes, participate in formation of graduates' profiles, propose topics of bachelor and diploma theses, evaluate these theses and also partially lecture selected courses of study programmes. The university implements these activities in order that potential employers specify what graduates they need and so the UE in Bratislava prepares such graduates to the maximum extent possible.

Graduates of the Faculty of National Economy are employed particularly in banking sector, in institutions of financial market, international financial and consulting institutions, investing companies and funds, central bodies of state administration. They also work as experts in research and media.   

Graduates of the Faculty of Commerce get employed as highly qualified experts in trade, marketing, foreign trade, home and international institutions, as well as tourism enterprises. 

Graduates of the Faculty of Economic Informatics have been successful in the labour market in the long term as economists – IT experts mostly in production and trading companies, banks, insurance companies, stock exchange and the like. Graduates of the study programme accounting have been exceptional too – working mostly in financial and statistic institutes and audit companies at regional and national and international level as well. 

Graduates of the Faculty of Business Management and the Faculty of Business Economics with seat in Košice are prepared especially for working for enterprises in the field of financial management or economic expertise.

Graduates of the Faculty of International Relations belong to the most sought-after graduates, valued for their excellent language skills, as well as expert knowledge of international economic relations and economic diplomacy. They are experts for national, foreign and international companies and for the field of economic diplomacy in Slovakia and abroad.  

Graduates of the Faculty of Applied Languages have wide opportunities to employ in the labour market. They work in state administration, international institutions, multinational companies and national enterprises.