The UE in Bratislava is a part of the European Higher Education Area and the common European Research Area. Within this integration is the mission of the UEBA to provide quality higher education in all three levels of university education in a complex of economic and management degree programs and selected study programs in the humanities and informatics sciences, the development of knowledge based on the freedom of creative scientific research in the fields of business, economics, informatics, humanities and social sciences, and thus contributing to the development of the knowledge society of Slovakia and the European area.



The UEBA, which has clearly confirmed and strengthened its leading position in higher education and research in economics and management in the Slovak Republic, will be in 2019 perceived and recognized as a modern and dynamic university comparable with prominent and widely respected institutions of higher education in the field at least in Central Europe.

This will be based on the demonstration of the level and quality of education, the intensity and quality of research, the success of its graduates in the labor market particularly in Slovakia and in the EU, active cooperation with socio-economic business environment in promoting mutually beneficial transfer of knowledge, in the creation of high-quality and efficient system of international relations, in achieving prestigious quality characteristics based on the results of national comprehensive accreditation of its activities and interim results of an international accreditation system AACSB, and on the basis of visibility and effective communication of the results achieved in the area of ​​the relevant public, with high professional and scientific-research level, reflecting social responsibility which it reflected in concrete projects of cooperation with institutions and organizations in Slovakia and abroad.



Management of the UEBA in order to fulfill its mission, while respecting the basic principles and in order to realize the vision of the university sets for the period 2015-2019 with a view to 2023 the following strategic objectives:

  • nationally to profile university as a research university,
  • internationally to profile university as an institution meeting international standards in all areas of its activities.



Fulfillment of strategic objectives requires the orientation of all university activities within the strategic priorities that intersect across all areas of its activities, which will be addressed by the implementation of each task.

In fulfilling strategic goals and meeting priorities the UEBA's acts and will act in unity and cooperation of all its organizational units – all faculties and other organizational units under its statute.

Cross-cutting priorities:

  • perform the tasks arising from the recommendations of the Commission AACSB for UEBA Accreditation as part of the prestigious international accreditation in the system of evaluation and continuous quality improvement,
  • ensure continuous quality improvement in all areas of the university activities following the requirements of international standards,
  • deepen the internationalization of education, science, research and other activities of the University through activating partnerships and networking, to intensify relations with national and international bodies, institutions and organizations of state and public sector, economic and social practice.
  • create and foster a creative work environment and atmosphere, build, promote and deepen collegial relationships among staff and between staff and students of the University,
  • intensify internal and external communication by developing and implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy of the University and monitoring feedback from relevant groups.