The University of Economics currently represents the biggest university in Slovakia which provides complex and integral education in economic and management study programmes at all levels of study.

"Since its establishment, the university's aim is to be the centre of the economic education and knowledge in Slovakia. The education that is currently in high demand and that has a long tradition at the university since 1940."

The UE in Bratislava provides education in 19 study programmes at the first level of study (bachelor), in 31 study programmes at the second level of study (master´s), and in 16 study programmes at the third level of study (doctoral study). All study programmes, including three study programmes which can be studied in English, French and German language, are accredited and guaranteed by internal teachers of the university. They are compatible with study programmes of similar universities in Europe. This fact had also been confirmed by the results of international evaluation conducted by the European University Association, the member of which is the UE in Bratislava as well.

The university also pursues extensive international cooperation with more than 230 universities and colleges in the world and actively involves its teachers into scientific and research activities.  

In the field of education, the UE in Bratislava aims to provide high-quality economic education particularly in engineering and doctoral study. This determines the university's managing, but primarily content capacity in drafting forms and types of education, improving the qualification and performance of pedagogical staff and application of modern teaching and study methods for students. In accordance with these aims, the university's management also adjusts and builds its organizational structure, i.e. faculties and workplaces in the new structure of fields of study and study programmes.