Nominal terms

  • Winter semester - 15th May
  • Summer semester - 15th May


Terms of online registration

  • Winter semester – 15th June
  • Summer semester - 15th October


The official nomination of a foreign student must include:

  1. the name and the seat of the university
  2. the student's name and surname
  3. student's e-mail
  4. the period for which the student has been approved


The students´approval must be forwarded by e-mail to: by 15 May of the respective academic year. Only after accepting the official approval we can accept the student's application for the stay abroad and the registration process. Based onthe approved official nominations, each student will receive basic information along with an online registration manual.





Co-ordinator for incoming students

A3.15 +421 2 6729 5680
DANIELOVÁ, Laura, Mgr.

DANIELOVÁ, Laura, Mgr.

Coordinator for Incoming students

A3.15 +421 2 6729 5680