University of Economics in Bratislava (in Bratislava) is a renowned institution of higher education with a tradition, international cooperation and specialization in the field of economics, business and management. Its multidisciplinary focus was enhanced by international relations and applied languages, which resulted into addition of a number of specialized workplaces, such as Institute  of economics and management, as well as project and innovative tandems that operate at the University.

The membership of the Slovak Republic in the European Union automatically incorporates the UE in Bratislava into the competitive environment of the European higher education area and the European research area. The geographical position is a natural incentive for cross-border cooperation. Both campuses of the UE in Bratislava are not only a part of bilateral, but also multilateral initiatives (e.g. projects within FP7, schemes, ERASMUS, EEA H2020 + INTERREG, EHP).

The UEBA strives to contribute to the development of a knowledge-based society in regard to the international accreditation standards by providing a quality in higher education at all three levels of study (in the framework of the study programmes for economics and management, selected courses in the field of the humanities and computer science, or a few of the programmes provided by the double degrees in foreign languages, in  cooperation with partner institutions), as well as the development of knowledge through its involvement in the implementation of the research and innovation in the sense of corporate social responsibility (i.e. intellectual contributions to the social, academic or corporate dimensions).

In order to create a platform that supports the exchange of the latest knowledge and findings of doctoral candidates and young scientists in the era of scientific diplomacy and frontier research UEBA is actively involved in the prestigious EDAMBA network (European Doctoral Association network in Management and Business Administration). Editions of the international scientific conference for doctoral candidates and young scientists organized by the UEBA in the context of its membership in the years 2015-2017 in the context of its membership in the EDAMBA network. Therefore, more attention has been paid to:

  • the era of scientific diplomacy and its consequences in the area of economics, business, management and its related disciplines,
  • open to science and open to innovation and the opportunities arising from them in the area of economics, business, management, related disciplines,
  • knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable development and the role of the economics, business, management and related disciplines.

While Adam Smith released his major scientific work, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, the present civilization which is confronted with the fourth industrial revolution, faces challenges not only of the economic, social, ethical, political or philosophical nature. In cooperation with several corporate partners in terms of their involvement in the sphere of social responsibility, the UEBA by launching its pilot Week of sustainability 2017, set up a space for the academic community to interact with broader and professional public.

The synergy of its post-doctoral graduates helped the UEBA to get stronger through the implementation of best practices, recommended by the European Association of universities (as in the case of IdeaPuzzle ® in relation to the philosophy of science), and the European  Commission and the OECD (as for example in the form of HEI_Hack! in the sphere of innovation), along with the attention given to the issues of the sustainability potential to senior and junior mentoring.