The UE in Bratislava, or more precisely its predecessors, has educated approximately 100 000 graduates since 1940. Many of them held and have been holding important job positions and functions in social, political and economic system, as well as in sport sectors in Slovakia and abroad.

We may include Michal Kováč, the first president of the Slovak Republic in years 1993 – 1998, several prime ministers and ministers of finances, e.g. Brigita Schmognerová, Ivan Mikloš, Ján Počiatek or Peter Kažimír among the most popular, or rather the most significant graduates of the UE in Bratislava.

Since the establishment of the National Bank of Slovakia, all its governors belong to graduates of the UE in Bratislava, as well as the current Slovak government minister Peter Žiga. Among graduates who significantly contributed to the creation of the new economic system in 1960’s, including the principles of the federal structure of Czechoslovakia, and had taken part in the transformation of the Slovak economy, have been such important experts as Viktor Pavlenda, Hvezdoň Kočtúch, Mikuláš Sedlák or Jozef Košnár.  

Important representatives of a banking sector, business or other professional and expert institutions who have been, at the same time, graduates of the UE in Bratislava are Jozef Makúch, Governor of the National Bank of Slovakia; Ivan Šramko, Chairman of the Council for Budget Responsibility and former governor of the National Bank of Slovakia; Daniel Kollár, director-general of a joint stock company ČSOB; Elena Kohútiková, former deputy director-general of a joint stock company VÚB; Miroslav Uličný, deputy director-general of a joint stock company Tatrabanka; Pavol Lančarič, director-general of a joint stock company Orange Slovensko; Vladimír Kestler, director-general of a joint stock company Omnia and a honorary consul of Sweden to Slovakia; Peter Mihók, President of the Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman of the World Chambers Federation of the International Chamber of Commerce; Pavol Konštiak, vice-president of the Slovak Trade and Tourism Association, Alexej Beljajev, president of the Mechanical Engineering Association, as well as Andrej Babiš, Prime minister of the Czech Republic. Other important graduates were or have been well-known word-class photographer Karol Kállay, deceased director of the Institute for Financial Policy Martin Filko, hockey legend Jozef Golonka, paralympic winners Radovan Kaufmann or Jakub Krako.

Ján Marček, a 96-year-old graduate of the 1947 of the College of Commerce (predecessor of the UE in Bratislava) belongs to significant graduates and has been the longest living graduate up to the present.