Physical education is not included in the proposed semester schedule of bachelor's or engineering studies. In the semester of Bachelor and Master studies, a sport from the offered offer of CTVŠ is registered and enrolled through AIS. In the credit study system, TV in the EU is included as a subject of a university-wide offer, it is implemented in a selective form. Students choose from the current offer of physical education activities. Compulsory TV and the number of credits vary according to the individual faculties (see "Study program" of the relevant faculty). The condition for obtaining credit and awarding credit points is 100% participation in seminars or participation in a winter or summer course, in a minimum of 5 teaching days. If the student does not have a compulsory Physical education in the semester, he / she can enroll optionally. Optionally, the student can enroll in winter or summer courses. Physical education activities continue in a modified form even in the probationary period and are optional.


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