In April, our university hosted members of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) from all over Slovakia for the third weekend. ESN operates in over 40 countries and consists of university sections and national councils with their representatives. The Slovak National Council members gathered with representatives from eight Slovak sections of ESN in Bratislava. This time, the regular "National Assembly" (General Assembly) was organized by the ESN EU Bratislava section.

At "NAčka," as the meeting is commonly known, ESN members have the opportunity to meet colleagues from universities all over Slovakia. They learn about the activities of individual sections and share experiences from organizing events for foreign students. The announcement of the "section of the month" highlights imaginative and original events that provide unique experiences for Erasmus students in Slovakia.

During the National Assembly, interaction between sections is important, but the meeting also serves another key function. From Friday to Sunday, the National Council updates members on important events within the Slovak ESN. In Bratislava, a draft of the organization's operational strategy for the next three years was presented. This was followed by the approval of the budget and a vote on the volunteers who will fill positions at the next international event. Additionally, participants had some downtime with less formal activities such as a workshop on effective communication and familiarization activities.

There were over forty participants at the event, including foreign guests. The elected chairman, Norbert Berecz, from the Hungarian section, was responsible for ensuring the program ran smoothly. It was important for the Slovak ESN to showcase flawless organization in addition to a high-quality program. The organizational team of our EUBA section was responsible for this aspect. Team member Jana Jakábová described it as "a very interesting experience," noting that several members were planning such a large event for the first time. They had to pay attention to every detail, from selecting and reserving accommodations to designing and producing promotional materials. They were also busy preparing refreshments and the evening social program. In the end, everything exceeded their expectations.

Feedback from national council members, who had nothing to criticize our section, testifies to a well-managed event. "The whole execution and organization were very professional," said Rebeka Juhászová, vice-president for external affairs, adding: "you can be proud of yourself, you gave a beautiful speech at the end. You are really smart." The acting president of ESN Slovakia, Claudia Manová, also commented on the course of the event. “Thank you to the organizing team who looked after us, the chairman team who helped us a lot and the other members of the national council with whom we overcame the challenges of this weekend. But most of all, I thank all the participants for actively participating in the program and sharing their thoughts and ideas. It is a great pleasure to see you engaging in discussions about the future of our ESN and leading it to further success."

As part of the ESN EU Bratislava section, we would like to express our gratitude to our university for supporting our activities, as well as for providing material and organizational assistance.

Organizing team, National Assembly theme: Friends – The One When We Met at EUBA

Organizing team, National Assembly theme: "Friends – The One When We Met at EUBA"

National Assembly participants with flags representing their sections

National Assembly participants with flags representing their sections