The University of Economics in Bratislava was admitted to the Business Leader Forum (hereinafter referred to as the BLF) on 19 March 2020 as its first Associate Member. This took place at the quarterly BLF meeting.

The EU's efforts in Bratislava to apply responsible behavior in every area of its activity have achieved their goal - to be an official member in the community of business leaders. This is done in several subjects taught in 5 languages dedicated directly or integrally to responsible business; in ethical behavior towards students, staff, the community, the environment, competition and other stakeholders; engagement in creation of structures and tools for ethics and integrity in science and research at the national level; numerous volunteer and philanthropic activities (blood donation, clothing collections, volunteer educational and consulting activities, financial investments in the community, participation in the "Our City" event). This above-standard initiative and commitment of the EU in Bratislava in the field of ethical, resp. responsible and sustainable behavior was benefited from in its associating with the elite BLF group.

 The EU in Bratislava will practice its membership in the BLF as an associate member, especially in the following areas:

  • The natural behavior of an organization - not only to learn about ethics, but also to be ethical in the daily practice of the organization.
  • Strengthening a cooperation with like-minded /acting organizations, especially at critical moments.
  • Public declaration and dissemination of ethical behavior that creates a creative moral commitment - awareness of the consequences of any behavioral activity.
  • Motivation for students - after graduation and employment, i.e. to develop ethical behavior in one's own business, or ethical business.
  • External engagement - in order to strengthening ethical behavior externally, also in cooperation with members of the BLF and other national and international organizations.


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