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On 16 September 2019 the new academic year 2019/2020 has been opened at EUBA.

The rector, Prof Ferdinand Daňo welcomed the staff and students and—on the occasion of the beginning of the new academic year—wished them a lot of success in their work.

The rector also spoke about the previous academic year, which was marked with the election of new academic administration and self-governing bodies. He expressed his thanks to the previous administration for their work on the development of the university and its faculties. He also pointed out that the new university management, in collaboration with the administration of faculties, jointly prepared the long-term development goals and their joint effort is to profile the university as a “high-quality, modern research university with an international orientation that reflects social responsibility and prepares graduates that are responsive to challenges of digitalization and automation.

The quality of education at the EUBA meets the requirements of social and economic practice. The fact that the EUBA graduates have been among the most sought-after of all university graduates on the domestic market for a long period of time and are increasingly more successful in finding an employment in the international labour market is the proof of the quality of education in all study programmes.

"Our aim is to build a university with a strong international dimension, so one of the strategic goals of the university is to strengthen its position in the international context," said the rector. His words are confirmed by the fact that within the framework of bilateral cooperation the EUBA faculties implement 14 international double and joint degree programs with 9 partner universities in 8 countries of Europe and Asia.

The rector also noted that one of the objectives for the academic year 2019/2020 is to continue to improve working and study conditions for staff and students at several university facilities.

The opening ceremony was attended by members of the university administration, chairwoman of the EUBA Academic Council, deans of the faculties, chairman of the EUBA Board, Mr Ivan Šramko, as well as several other members of the University Board and the Scientific Council of the University. The chairman of the EUBA Board of Governors wished to students a successful academic year and assessed the good economic performance of the university. He also highlighted a stabilized number of EUBA.

Mr Tomáš Mazán, President of the EUBA Student Parliament was also given an opportunity to express himself at the opening ceremony. He mentioned the successes of students and mentioned that open communication and mutual cooperation of teachers and students are important for the progress and strengthening of the reputation of the EUBA. "I very much hope that in the next year 2019/2020 there will continue to be very good cooperation and partnership between teachers, administrative staff and students in ensuring the further development of the university," he said.

This festive day was also marked with the presentation of the Rector's Prize for Teaching for 2019 and the EUBA Prize for Publication for 2018.

The Rector's Prize for teaching for 2019 was awarded to:

  • Ing. Eva Pongrácz, PhD. (Faculty of National Economy)
  • JUDr. Hana Magurová, PhD. (Faculty of Commerce)
  • Mgr. Tatiana Šoltésová, PhD. (Faculty of Economic Informatics)
  • doc. Ing. Jana Blštáková, PhD. (Faculty of Business Management)
  • PhDr. Gilbert Futó, PhD. (Faculty of International Relations)
  • PhDr. Ildikó Némethová, PhD. (Faculty of Applied Languages)
  • JUDr. Oľga Kmeťová, CSc. (Faculty of Business Economy with seat in Košice)

The EUBA Prize for Publication for 2018 was awarded to following publications:

  • best scientific monograph – „Chudoba a sociálne vylúčenie v EÚ a SR v kontexte stratégie Európa 2020“ by doc. Ing. Mgr. Erik Šoltés, PhD., Ing. Ľubica Hurbánková, PhD., RNDr. Eva Kotlebová, PhD., Mgr. Tatiana Šoltésová, PhD., doc. Ing. Mária Vojtková, PhD. (Faculty of Economic Informatics)
  • best textbook – „Teória pravdepodobnosti pre ekonómov s podporou jazyka R“ by doc. Mgr. Vladimír Mucha, PhD., Ing. Michal Páleš, PhD. (Faculty of Economic Informatics)
  • best scientific work published in local and international peer-reviewed and impacted journals – „Interest Rate Pass-Through in the Euro Area: Financial Fragmentation, Balance Sheet Policies and Negative Rates“ by prof. Roman Horváth, MA, Ph.D., doc. Ing. Jana Kotlebová, PhD., Ing. Mária Širaňová, M. A., PhD. (Faculty of National Economy)
  • best scientific work published in local and international peer-reviewed and impacted journals – „Networks of volatility spillovers among stock markets“ by doc. Ing. Eduard Baumöhl, prof. Ing. Evžen Kočenda, MA, Ph.D., DSc., doc. Ing. Štefan Lyócsa, PhD., doc. Ing. Tomáš Výrost, PhD. (ÚEaM EUBA, Faculty of National Economy)
  • best scientific work published in local and international peer-reviewed and impacted journals – „A Fuzzy Query Engine for Suggesting the Products BAsed on Conformance and Asymmetric Conjunction“ by Dr. Miljan Vučetic, doc. Dr. Ing. Miroslav Hudec (Faculty of Economic Informatics)

The Folklore Ensemble Ekonóm concluded the opening ceremony with a short programme.

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