On 19 July 2019, the festive fanfares concluded the 3rd Children's University of Economics in English. After a week's rich program, in the presence of proud parents, grandparents or siblings Assoc. Prof. Jana Péliová, PhD., awarded 39 graduates a diploma that gives them a right to use the title of junior engineer.

At the graduation ceremony, 91 young junior engineers became successful graduates of the Children's University of Economics 2019 and left the University of Economics full of experiences. Over the past three weeks, they have visited over 20 leading companies and institutions in the wholesale, retail, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, IT and government sectors. At the University of Economics in Bratislava they had the opportunity to attend full-time lectures given by EUBA teachers, experts and practitioners. We would like to thank all the partners of the Children's University of Economics for their cooperation this year and look forward to the next meeting in 2020.