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The October—a month of respect for the elders—has ended, but at the University of Economics in Bratislava it marks the opening of the new academic year and matriculation of new students of the University of the Third Age (UTA). The Bratislava Business School of the University of Economics in Bratislava has prepared a diverse range of programs. For the first time seniors will be educated in Topoľčany and in Chorvátsky Grob in addition to the Bratislava campus.

Increasing life expectancy, but also the challenges of digitization and automation, require lifelong learning in various specializations. In addition to the development of knowledge and skills, UTA also offers courses to promote physical fitness.

The excellent atmosphere of the matriculation ceremony in Topoľčany is also captured in the following report: http://cetv.sk/index.php/publicistika/item/5029-region-topolcianski-seniori-zahajili-studium

For more information about UTA, please visit: https://bbs.euba.sk/en/university-of-the-third-age/basic-info


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