General Management Taught in English

Master's degree program of study General Management prepares professionals for middle and higher managerial positions in companies, the performance of which requires a general, cross-cutting and universal theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. The content and nature of the study enable to gain extensive knowledge and develop personal and professional prerequisites for competent solution of specific tasks resulting from economic practice with the requisite degree of creativity and independence.

Core courses (selection):

Strategic Management, International Management and International Business, Communication in Management, Financial management, Business Information System, Organizational Behaviour, Strategy of Sale, Logistics, Project Management, Organizing, Control, Financial Analysis and Financial Planning, Leadership, Managerial Simulations

Duration: 4 semesters

Degree: Ingénieur (corresponding to Master of Science)

Director of study programme: professor Štefan Slávik, PhD.



Graduate profile of the General Management study programme in English

The graduate is able to manage large groups of people, he/she is able to rapidly adapt and acquire industrial, cultural and regional peculiarities. He/she is capable to identify, analyse and evaluate problems and processes in relation to one another in the context of the enterprise and the environment in which it operates. He/she is able to align the efforts of working groups with different professional, interest, cultural orientation, he/she proposes and implements practical solutions valid for the entire enterprise and which are effective in the wider business context. The graduate of the second degree of university study is qualified to track, analyse and evaluate the operation of the enterprise as a whole and its individual components in the internal and external dynamics of development, in a complex and changing domestic and international environment, in relation to other actors in these environments for a number of criterion perspectives. He/she is responsive to initiatives from outside the company, he/she can identify and interpret them and is capable to design and implement solutions for their business use. The critical skills and abilities of graduates will include creativity, ability to lead people, autonomy, coordination ability, self-discipline, entrepreneurship, adaptability and sense of personal responsibility. Graduates find application mainly in positions of line managers at middle and senior levels of the business.

Academic title

The General management study programme is a master’s study programme at the second level of university study. Graduates of the General management study programme are granted the academic title of ingénieur in abbreviation Ing. This academic title is the Slovak Republic equivalent of the academic title Master of Science (MSc.).

Academic titles granted according to the University Act valid in the Slovak Republic

  • 1st level of university study: bachelor (Bc.), granted by all kinds of universities.
  • 2nd level of university study: ingénieur (Ing.), magister (Mgr.).
    The title of ingénieur is traditionally and historically granted to graduates of technical, agricultural and economics universities.
    The title of magister is granted to graduates of natural sciences, social, philosophical, philological, pedagogical and artist faculties of universities.
  • 3rd level of university study: philosophiae doctor (PhD.), granted by all kinds of universities.


General Management in English is a graduate study programme of the second level of university education. The programme is taught by university teachers of Faculty of business management of the University of Economics in Bratislava.

Compulsory Courses

  • Strategic Management
  • International Management and International Business
  • Strategy of Sale
  • Logistics
  • Financial management
  • Financial Analysis and Financial Planning
  • Business Information System
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Communication in Management
  • Organizing
  • Control
  • Leadership
  • Managerial Simulation

Optional Courses I.

  • Development of Managerial Skills
  • European Union

Optional Courses II.

  • Intercultural Management
  • Business Consulting

Optional Courses III.

  • Corporate Governance
  • Management of Change


Programme Units

Study branch: 3.3.16 Business Economics and Business Management

Degree of university study: second (master)

Study program: General Management

Form of study: daily (internal) only

Titles of coursesNumbers of creditsWeekly extent of classes
I. yearII. year
1. sem.2. sem.3. sem.4. sem.
Strategic Management 6 2/2 e      
International Management and International Business 6 2/2 e      
Communication in Management 6 2/2 e      
Financial Management 6 2/2 e      
Business Information System 6 2/2 e      
Organisational Behaviour 6   2/2 e    
Strategy of Sale 6   2/2 e    
Logistics 6   2/2 e    
Project Management 6   2/2 e    
Compulsory elective course I. 6   2/2 e    
Organizing 6     2/2 e  
Control 6     2/2 e  
Financial Analysis and Financial Planning 6     2/2 e  
Leadership 6     2/2 e  
Compulsory elective course II. 6     2/2 e  
Final Thesis Seminar 1 4     0/2 r  
Managerial Simulations 3       0/2 r
Compulsory elective course III. 3       2 e
Internship I. 6       2 months
Final Thesis Seminar 2 4       0/2 r
State exam 1 – Business Economics and Management 3       SE
State Exam 2 – General Management 3       SE
Final Thesis Defence 4       SE
Weekly number of classes   20 20 22 6
Number of credits of compulsory courses 105 30 24 28 23
Number of credits of compulsory elective courses 15 - 6 6 3
Total number of credits 120 30 33 33 26
Number of exams per a semester 16 5 5 5 1
Number of records per a semester 4 0 0 1 3

exam (e), record (r), state exam (SE),  x/x = classes of lecture/classes of seminar


Compulsory elective courses I. – 2/2 e

Volume of 4 classes, choice of 1 course out of 2 courses, 6 credits required.

CourseNumber of creditsVolume
Development of Managerial Skills 6 2/2 e
European Union 6 2/2 e


Compulsory elective courses II. – 2/2 e

Volume of 4 classes, choice of 1 course out of 2 courses, 6 credits required.

CourseNumber of creditsVolume
Intercultural Management 6 2/2 e
Business Consulting 6 2/2 e


Compulsory elective course III. – 2 e

Volume of 2 classes, choice of 1 course out of 2 courses, 3 credits required.

CourseNumber of creditsVolume
Change Management 3 2/- e
Corporate governance 3 2/- e

e - exam, r - record for seminar

Admission Requirements

  1. Graduation of the first degree of university study with a bachelor’s degree or higher in study branches of management, business economics, economics and cognate studies (business, commerce, finance, travel and tourism, logistics, business informatics).
    1. Submission of a legalized (notarized) copy of candidate’s university diploma(in English) in two copies.
    2. Foreign applicants or applicants, who completed the first degree of university study at foreign university, submit an application for recognition of university diploma (printed form is enclosed).
    3. If an applicant has not finished a bachelor’s study for the time being, he/she must submit a confirmation about currently passed studies. The applicant must also send the date of anticipated graduation.
  2. Submission of an academic transcript of all courses of passed study programwith a statement of their range (hours/week), ECTS credits, grades and grading scale in two copies. Everything should be on letterhead of the university, together with signature of university representative and with the official stamp of the university (in English).

    In case of any ambiguities, University of Economics in Bratislava will ask for a submission of additional summaries of selected courses.
  1. Internationally accepted certificate confirming mastery of English is needed if the applicant has not yet studied in English. This certificate is not required if previous education or its relevant parts have been taught in English. 
  2. Structured CV in English. 
  3. Copy of identity card or passport
  4. Academic reference(recommendation) in English
    • name and titles of referee, current position and current institution of the referee
    • range, depth and the length of  period the referee has known the applicant
    • applicant’s preconditions for the selected study
    • other important facts  
  1. Motivation letter in English
    • applicant’s reasons for the selected field of study
    • self-assessment of preconditions and capabilities for further education
    • personal contributions to the international student community (business practice, special skills, culture background and so on)
  1. Proof of 40,- EUR administration fee

    Payment of the fee on the account
    Appellation of faculty: FPM EUBA
    IBAN: SK47 8180 0000 0070 0008 0671
    Bank: Statna pokladnica
    Variable symbol: birth number for Slovaks, for foreigners in shape of birth date: ddmmyy, e. g. 2. 5. 1996 – 020596
    Specific symbol: 1040003
    Swift (for payment from EU membership countries): SPSRSKBA
    Bank: Statna pokladnica, Radlinskeho 32, Bratislava

    SWIFT (for payment from other countries): SUBASKBX
    Bank: VUB, a. s., Mlynske Nivy, Bratislava

    Administration fee, if a student does not enrol at study, or cancels application, will not be returned and will be used exclusively for preparation and carrying out selective procedure.
  1. Completion of theapplication form. The application form is enclosed.  
  2. The deadline for acceptance of application form, including payment of the administration fee, is 15th April, 2018.
  3. Address for sending applications

    Ekonomicka univerzita v Bratislave
    Ustav medzinarodnych programov
    (Application for study)
    Dolnozemska cesta 1/b
    852 35 Bratislava 5
    Slovak Republic

Acceptance into the study program

  1. The Admission Commission will review submitted documents of applicants and determine their ranking. The commission will accept only applications with all documents. The number of selected students will depend on the quality and quantity of all potential applicants and the capacity of the university.
  2. Selection of students will be held from June 20 till July 3, 2018.
  3. If an applicant has not finished the 1th degree of university study, because his/her study will be finished later, he/she will be accepted to the study conditionally. This kind of applicant is obliged to submit together with application form a document about completed study for the time being and a document about supposed term of graduation of the 1th degree of university study confirmed by signature of university representative and university stamp. Final decision about acceptance to the study will be given after submitting the certificate about graduation of the 1th degree of university study.
  4. Date of the notification about acceptance for the study program

    A decision on the admission will be distributed by regular post in the course of June, 2018.
  1. Information about conditions considering to entry of foreigners and stay of foreigners on area of Slovak Republic are accessible on (Migracne informacne centrum).

Registration to the study program

Students accepted to the study program have to take part in the enrolment process in person. It will be held from September 3 till September 14, 2018. The academic year 2018 – 2019 will start on 17th September, 2018.

In accordance with Slovak juridical system, University of Economics in Bratislava has got a claim to require information from accepted applicants, if they will enrol at a study. If an applicant does not provide university with information in the term prescribed by the University Act, his/her right to enrol at a study expires.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee is 1 500,- EUR per academic year. Tuition has to be paid in two instalments. The first half tuition has to be paid before 31th January 2019, the second half tuition has to be paid before 31th March 2019

Payment of the tuition on the account:

Appellation of faculty: FPM EUBA

IBAN: SK47 8180 0000 0070 0008 0671

Bank: Statna pokladnica

Variable symbol: birth number for Slovaks, for foreigners in shape of birth date: ddmmyy, e. g. for 2. 5. 1996 – 020596

Specific symbol: 1040003

Swift (for payment from EU membership countries): SPSRSKBA

Bank: Statna pokladnica, Radlinskeho 32, Bratislava

SWIFT (for payment from other countries): SUBASKBX

Bank: VUB, a. s., Mlynske Nivy, Bratislava 

Cost of living

The university provides accommodation and meals in its own facilities.

Estimated costs of living per one month are about 400 – 500 euros. 


University of Economics in Bratislava does not provide students with scholarship. Applicants can demand scholarship at Slovak academic information agency.


SAIA, n. o.
Namestie slobody 23
812 20 Bratislava 1
Slovak Republic, Mgr. Lukáš Marcin, Táto e-mailová adresa je chránená pred spamovacími robotmi. Na jej zobrazenie potrebujete mať nainštalovaný JavaScript., tel. 02-5930 4733 


Bc. Olena Kitsiuk, Ukraine

  • Student of the of International Management/General Management English master’s program at EUBA

I was never kind of person, who was brave enough to think seriously about life abroad even if I liked travelling much. Everything changed much after my exchange program in Poland, when I, inspired by the great half of a year adventure, decided to apply to EUBA for the International Management master’s study program in English because of several reasons. I am still on the half of my way, so I cannot say yet, if it change my future so much, like I am expecting. I will also not be lying, that life here is always so easy and pleasant for me. But what I can say for sure is that this kind of experience in practicing my language, gaining new relations, developing myself, obtaining new knowledge I would not be able to get anywhere, except of this program. I am thankful much to all people, who is teaching me and who is studying with me, who became my second family.

If you are ready to exciting challenges and to comprehensive development of yourself – then this program is definitely for you!

B.A. Srđan Perendija, Serbia

  • Studying at “International/General Management” in English, EUBA
  • Holder of Erasmus scholarship for academic year 2015/2016 - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milano)

Besides the possibility to attend and participate in lectures run by one of the most prominent professionals in the country in the field of economics, the greatest advantages of studying at EUBA comes from the ability to connect with a large number of intelligent and capable colleagues and establish permanent contact. This also makes it easier to deal with obligations at university and leaves more space for better social life. In this way you will know that whatever you're doing - you're not alone.

Don't forget that student days are made of everything which cannot be seen nor noticed easily - smiles, socializing, jitters before the examination and celebration after the exam, sincere compliments and well-intentioned criticism, noise and silence in student restaurant. And chances. The chances of entering business world and gaining experience will be all around you. It takes a little effort and desire and you will be able to work for or with professionals from most outstanding companies in the world. Additionally you will have many chances to travel, learn, go to student exchange, meet amazing people, network, improve yourself and represent your country in the best way possible. Just stop and look around, chances are there.

Bc. Lucia Pivková, Slovakia

  • Student of International/General Management English Master’s program at EUBA
  • Curently involved at VÚB bank Student Internship
  • Going to Rennes (France) for Erasmus+ Internship for Summer period 2015 to work as an Project Coordinator Assistant
  • Nominee for the double degree study at the EM Strasbourg (Business School) - France

I have subscribed for International Management program because I wanted the better quality of education, the more interactions with the professors and of course to improve my business English. After the first year of study I can say the programme gave me all of this and that´s not all. In addition there is a great group of people including international students from different countries so this can help me to understand better how the business works in many other countries as well. This fact enables us to share varied experiences and perspectives as well as learn more effectively how to work and deal with the people from different cultures. It was also much easier for me to find an internship abroad as my language competence improved a lot and being part of this active group of students motivates me to be more active and involved as well.

I have much wider view on the different sides of business as this programme offers a crossdisciplinary approach and allows us to gain both technical and managerial knowledge. Solving the business cases on a regular basis stimulate me to critical thinking and coming up with new ideas. I also improved my interpersonal skills a lot as we were working in teams very often and needed to cooperate and rely on each other.

Bc. Dominika Ošková, Slovakia

  • Student of of IM/GM English Master’s program
  • Currently enrolled in Slovak Business Agency Student Internship
  • Accepted to Riga BA School of Business and Finance in Riga (Latvia) for Erasmus + Summer 2015 Internship as an Assistant Project Manager

The reason why I decided to apply for International/General Management though in English was simple – I wanted to study what I like but in a different language. After almost one year I can say that I made a good choice. The fact that we are only 16 in a group gives all of us an opportunity to have open lessons with a huge space for various discussions where each opinion is welcomed. Moreover, the good atmosphere and friendly relationships help us to express ourselves without any fear, by preparing various presentations we are learning how to stand confidently and present our ideas in front of the whole class. Our work is many times based on daily assignments where we work in teams consist of people from different countries which help us to gain new insights for solved tasks. As you can see, this is really good way how you can practise your interpersonal and managerial skills, how to think critically and actually step by step it helps us to become professionals in our real lives.

All of my classmates are strong, vision-driven personalities, doing internships in multinational companies and I just don’t want to stand behind them – this motivates me a lot to work harder and this is why we are different. If you want to achieve success, find a well-paid job in the future and thanks to that fulfil your dreams do not hesitate to join International/General Management programme at EUBA

Bc. Zuzana Barošová, Slovakia

  • Student of IM/GM English Master’s program
  • Currently enrolled in Finance Internship Program at Dell
  • Holder of Erasmus scholarship for academic year 2015/ 2016, going to EM Strasbourg Business School (France)

My first intention why I decided to study this program was the reason that it is taught in English. I think that it always makes a difference when you study in foreign language. You will be more prepared for international environment at work and you will be used to business English. I definitely think so as I use it at my internship at Dell.

Secondly, I find interesting to be in every day contact with foreign classmates from all over the world. You will be more engaged in problematic or benefits of foreign countries if representatives of those countries speak to you directly. Thanks to this international environment, classes are more interactive as each student representing its country can say example at courses such as International Business, European Union or International Business and Managements.

Finally, this studying program provides you with opportunities to study abroad that enrich your gained knowledge even more deeply. I was chosen for double diploma study to UNISTRA and I am really thankful to this opportunity.

Bc. Terézia Ligačová, Slovakia

  • Student of IM/GM in English Master program at EUBA

During my 2nd year of bachelor study I have been for one semester on Erasmus in France studying most of the subjects in English. When I return back to Slovakia, I wanted to continue studying in English and be a part of an international environment but to stay in Slovakia. Therefore I decided to study International Management in English at the University of Economics in Bratislava as a master programme.

There are more aspects that I like about this programme. We are an international group as we have several classmates from foreign countries and it makes the class environment more diversified, multicultural and vivid. My classmates want to gain more than just a degree and they encourage me to work on myself.

The lessons are more interactive than I was used to during my bachelor study in Slovak language. We are invited to express our opinions, our ideas and to participate in a discussion.

I miss more foreign teachers as most of those who teach us are Slovaks but they try to make the lessons international – with case studies from international companies showing us the real business problems and situations, with excursions to national and multinational companies, with their own experiences from business life.

I believe that studying International/General Management in English helps me improve my business English and will prepare me for my professional future. I recommend this programme to all those who aren´t afraid of changes and new things and to those who want to diversify from the great mass of graduates.


SLÁVIK, Štefan, prof. Ing., CSc.

SLÁVIK, Štefan, prof. Ing., CSc.


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