The UE in Bratislava proclaims the values and principles enshrined in the Magna Charter Universitatum. In accordance with the above document, the university in particular:

  • develops its activities on the principles of autonomy, moral and scientific independence from politics, and respects academic freedom,
  • applies the principle of the integrity of educational activity in science and research,
  • supports critical thinking in the creative activity of university staff,
  • rejects intolerance and promotes dialogue in all areas of university activity,
  • applies and develops the traditions and values of democracy and European humanism,
  • develops the traditions of European dialogue and promotes interaction between cultures,
  • respects and applies the principle of equal opportunities.


In addition to respecting the above-mentionedvalues ​​and principles, the University supports and appreciates the behavior and attitudes of teachers, employees and students in particular:

  • moral integrity,
  • awareness of social responsibility and its active implementation,
  • applying the sense of duty, performance and quality in work and study,
  • applying the principle of compliance with the rules and basic documents of the University and the follow-up responsibility towards the University of Economics in Bratislava and the whole society,
  • loyal attitude towards the university, institutional co-ownership and public defense of its interests,
  • attempting to continually integrate personal development and lifelong learning without distinction at university,
  • innovation and creativity, a sense of teamwork,
  • observance of the principles of professional ethics in relation to the university, as well as to the external environment,
  • human empathy, mutual respect and tolerance, willingness to lead constructive dialogues and discussions.


In line with its mission, principles and values, the University seeks to train students to be abe to work not only as scholarly economists, managers and other professionals in socio-economic practice but also to be able toact in their professional and civil lives in accordance with the values which the university declares and promotes.