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In fulfilling its mission, the UE in Bratislava applies and will apply the principle of consolidating and developing academic excellence and quality in all areas of activity in the future. To strengthen this principle, the university is particularly involved in:

  • preparing basic education and research projects based on a comparison of its level of activity with recognized universities of a similar nature in the UE and the world, as well as quality standards valid on European and global level which are reflected in their processes. The development of research assumes that research is a fundamental starting point and an accompanying phenomenon of improving the quality of education,
  • making continuous necessary changes to excellence, by supporting and developing innovation in selected areas of its activities,
  • continuous enhancing and developingthe study programmes to prepare graduates who, according to their professional profile, theoretical and practical knowledge, meet the needs of the labor market in the Slovak Republic in the EU,
  • in the training activities, it prepares graduates who can develop their professional knowledge continuously, to develop skills and competences in accordance with the requirements of the educational standards of international accreditation agencies,
  • promoting and developing learning based on the development of economic thinking and active learning processes and continuously evaluates achievement of defined learning outcomes on each level of study and in each subject taught, modernizing forms and methods of education in line with technological advances,
  • promoting cooperation with recognized universities in the Central European region, on European and international level, aiming at increasing the quality of their own educational and scientific research activities,
  • accepting its natural national and international competition, applying and developing cooperative mechanisms of mutual inspiration, promoting mutual competition and ambitions to compare with recognized research universities within both the national and wider international space,
  • using feedback to develop and improve the quality of all forms of life and activity at the university,
  • creating appropriate conditions for ensuring the university's internal integrity.