1. What should I do if I am interested in studying asa student of Erasmus + at the University of Economicsin Bratislava?

The first and important step in the entire registration process is the official approval.

Contact your Erasmus coordinator and apply for an official approval based on a valid bilateral agreement.

The official approval of a foreign student must include:

  • name and the address of the university
  • the student's name and surname
  • students´ e-mail contact
  • the period for which the student has been approved

The student´s approval must be forwarded by e-mail to: incoming@euba.sk by 15 May of the respectiveacademic year.

This information also applies to students not involved in the Erasmus + programme.


2. How can I sign up and fill out sign-up forms?

Foreign students of ERASMUS + are registered, i.e. they fill out the required application forms online via www.studyabrouad.sk by 17 July of the respective academic year. The online registration manual will be emailed to students after the official approval.

Foreign students outside the ERASMUS + programme will submit the required application forms by e-mail to: incoming@euba.sk by 17 July of the respective academic year.


3. Do I need to forward the required application forms also by post?

No, we do not require forwarding the required subscription forms by mail. We only accept online sign-ups to make the login process more effective.


4. How many credits can I obtain per semester or two-semester study?

The sending university will determine how many credits you need to obtain during your studies.

According to the general principles of Erasmus + (also for students outside Erasmus +):

1 semester = 30 credits

2 semesters = 60 credits


5. How can I enroll for the subjects offered?

Foreign students enroll for online courses through the Academic Information System (AIS).

The catalogue of subjects offered in the winter and summer semester of the relspectiveacademic year will be emailed to the students along with the online registration manual 1-2 weeks before the start of each round.

The schedule of individual online registration rounds:

  1. 1st round: end of May
  2. 2nd round: first week of June
  3. 3rd round: 2 weeks from the official start of the semester



6. Can I combine a selection of subjects of different faculties and different languages of the lectures?

Information about the faculty and the language of the lectures is only supplementary information that serves for a better orientation of the foreign student in the list of subjects offered.

The student can combine subjects of other faculties, as well as of different languages of the lectures in the current list of subjects offered. (The current catalogue of subjectswill be sent to the students by email).

It is also important to consult the selection of subjects with the sending university.


7. How to proceed when a subject is already taken?

Each subject has a maximum number (limit) of accepted students. The limits are set byeach faculty members of the Faculty of Economics in Bratislava.

If the subject is taken, it is necessary to replace it with another subject from the current list of subjects.

A consultation with the teacher is also possible, but it is not possible to guarantee that the student will be additionally accepted after the limits have been reached.


8. When will the course schedule be published?

The timetable is published 1 - 2 weeks before the official start of the semester and is forwarded to foreign students by e-mail.


9. How to proceed when objects overlap (lessons in the same time)?

In such a case, it is necessary to replace the subject with another subject, with lessons in another time.

A consultation with the teacher is also possible, but there is no guarantee that the teacher will be able to change the timetable.


10. How do I apply for an exam?

The teacher himself/herself will determine how to apply for the exam, either online (via AIS), or the the exam term will be announced to the student directly by the teacher with no need for an online registration.


11. Is attendance for lectures and exercises mandatory?

Attendance is mandatory, according to the fixed timetable. Information on attendance (attendance, absences), further exams, and final assessments are provided by students on the very firstteaching day.


12.When I reject the offer by Univesity of Economics as a student of Erasmus + to stay at STUDENT RESIDENCE INCHEBA, is there a possibility to stay at another dormitory of the University of Economics in Bratislava?

No, it is not possible. Erasmus + foreign students are offered accommodation at the private residence of STUDENT RESIDENCE INCHEBA.

The University of Economics in Bratislava does not guarantee the provision of additional accommodation to a foreign student in case thathe/she rejects the offer.


13. How long does it take for an ISIC card to be issued?

If all required documents are forwarded to students prior to theirarrival, the card can be picked up immediately upon the arrival at the University.

If the required documents are forwarded to students after their arrival, the waiting period is 4-5 days.


14. When will the schedule of sport activities be made public?

The schedule of sport activities (free of charge) is usually made public only after compulsory registration of Slovak students for sport activities, 3-4 weeks from the start of the semester and the forwarded to them by email.

According to the timetable it is possible to attend the selected sport activities directly (without the need for additional registration) and at the same time it is necessary to prove one of the identification cards (ISIC or STUDENT CARD / STUDY STAY) issued by the University of Economics in Bratislava.


15. How can I ask for my buddy?

Each student is provided with a list of ESN / buddy students by e-mail. Consequently, the student can ask for a buddy via an online registration.


16. Do I need to visit the International Mobility Department prior to my departure? If so, when?

Each foreign student is required to visit the International Mobility Department 4 to 5 days before the official departure date.

Based on the real departure date, the student will be handed a Letter of Confirmation on arrival and departure immediately upon request.


17. How will my University's Transcript of Records be sent to me?

The list of notes is forwarded to the partner university (and the student as an attached copy) by e-mail, and then the original document is sent by mail after the semester has officially ended.


18. What are the English requirements and do I need any certificate?

The required English level at our university is B2. We do not require any certificate, a confirmation from your home university about the English skills, confirmed by your coordinator is sufficient.


19. Does your university offer the program Freemover?

 The freemover program is not up to date, we do not currently provide it to students and do not accept foreign students under this program.