The goal of the Children's University of Economics is to bring the world of economics to children in the age of 8 to 14 years and to familiarize them with basic concepts, current economic themes through the lectures of experienced lecturers as well as renowned practitioners. At the end of their studies at the Children's University of Economics, the children obtain a diploma of a second University degree - the junior University of Economics in Bratislava.

Besides the meaningful use of free holiday time, we supportchildren in acquiring knowledge and in increasing their interest in studies at the University of Economics. The foundation of the Children's University of Economics has the vision to continue with this tradition in the future. We are considering implementingthe Children´s University of Economics in Bratislava on a regular basis from 2 to 3 July. The capacities are limited to the maximum of 50 children.

The Programme is divided into two weeks. After the opening ceremony, the registration will start along with a selection of optional activities. The study at the Children's University will take place through compulsory lectures and optional workshops, trips and excursions.

Since thelast year, we have started organizing a new form of a week project of the Children's University of Economics in English.

The result of the project is a meaningfully spent free time during summer holidays and initiating interest in higher education. To make this kind of activity more attractive we try to modify the programme and update it each year. At the end of the year we perform a survey –in what subjects are the children interested the most and the least.

Program Children's University of Economics 2019 in English


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